There is only one piece of each work of art.

If you decide to become the owner of a sculpture or a relief, that is still available, please know that every single one of them is truly unique and no one else in the world will possess a piece of art identical to the one you have.

The artworks are all about aesthetics and harmony and their primary focus aims at provoking thought and establishing an instant connection with the viewer.

The artist would be able to design and make art pieces that are especially suited for your home, or a composition of sculptures and reliefs for a specific area, or a whole relief panel wall to serve as a strong focal point in your interior.

Art is a necessity for people who do not want to settle for all things ordinary.

Please note!

All prices are list prices and do not include shipping.

For more information please contact me using the form below.

If you are not completely satisfied by the artwork, you can return it within five days.

The transport expenses for the return will be for the expense of the buyer.

The packaging has to be of identical materials and the artwork preserved intact in the condition it has been received.

We would be happy to offer you another sculpture or reimburse the full amount to your account.

I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions


  • Both keys from the temple are one - ₤ 6900
  • Liberty of thoughts - ₤ 6900
  • Archangel Michael - interpretation - ₤ 8700
  • Dream - ₤ 8900
  • Flight - ₤ 8900
  • Spring - ₤ 8900
  • Peacock - Sold
  • Infinity - Sold
  • Composition - Sold
  • Sea world - Sold


  • 21 gulps correct view - ₤ 8900
  • Form of emotion - ₤ 11 900 in process
  • Explosion - ₤ 9800
  • Shell - ₤ 9900 in process
  • Palm - Sold
  • Presence - ₤ 2800
  • Starfish - ₤ 3900
  • Composition - Sold